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August 05 2014


Clinton lauds New York City’s early childhood education efforts – CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) - Hillary Clinton gave a full-throated endorsement of early childhood education on Tuesday, including crediting New York Mayor Bill De Blasio - a Clinton confidant - for his efforts to make universal pre-kindergarten the law in America's biggest city.

The former Secretary of State's remarks came as part of an event that brought Too Small to Fail, a childhood development project Clinton launched last year, into a partnership with Univision, the Spanish speaking television network.

"I am especially pleased that the mayor and the first lady and the speaker could be with us today," Clinton said of de Blasio. "They have put early childhood education at the top of the cities agenda and it is an important goal that everyone of us must be committed to achieving."

De Blasio, the newly minted Democratic mayor of New York, has drawn attention for his progressive policies, especially his plan to hike taxes on the rich in order to pay for early childhood education. "Asking those at the top to help our kids get on the right path and stay there. That's our mission. And on that, we will not wait. We will do it now," de Blasio said in his inaugural address earlier this year.

During her short remarks at the roundtable discussion about urging parents to talk with their young children from birth, Clinton said she - as "someone who has worked on this for a very long time" - applauds the leadership the de Blasio has shown on the issue.

De Blasio, in return, described Clinton as an "inspiration" and a "guide" during his brief remarks and credited Clinton for her early work on the issue of early childhood education. The New York Mayor has long been close with the Clintons - he was a Housing and Urban Development official during the Bill Clinton presidency and was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager during her successful 2000 Senate bid.

Clinton's partnership with Univision is focused on encouraging Hispanic families and caregivers to speaking and engages with their children from a young age as a way to develop their language skills. At Monday's event, Clinton watches Spanish-language PSAs about the issue and chatted with Univision President Randy Falco.

Hispanic children, Clinton said, "are less likely, because of where they live and the circumstances they live in, to have access to preschool, to have access to formal child care."

"Our Spanish language partnership will help Hispanic parents, grandparents and caregivers help to get their own children ready for school," Clinton added. "What we want to do is help bring that information to families so that while they are caring for the children they love... they are talking to them, singing to them, helping them succeed."

In addressing the small group of assembled education advocates and parents in a classroom at the East Harlem Council for Human Services Head Start Program, Clinton also spoke how she used to sing "Moon River," a song made famous by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's," to her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

"I even sang to her until she developed an ear, Clinton said. "Before I put her to bed, I would sit in a rocking chair and I would read to her. Two Infinity records http://www.scribd.com/doc/230052710 are held by the green giant of marvel: One because of his Rage Way attack, since he is now the largest personality on the roster, whichwill be the most powerful in the sport, and the additional for his physicalsize. It's difficult to notice the latterin the trailer or from the toys -- I mentioned Sully as a comparison, because it was the largest Disney Infinity plaything I can thinkof at the moment -- but Blackburn verified it. "We undoubtedly have an overarching sizethat individuals go through," Blackburn said. "So the Hulk is thebiggest character in the game at the moment. But we do play size a little because clearly excitement Light Yearis supposed to be a modest plaything [in the Toy Story films] compared to Sully, who is seven feet High. We had to unify that material."Professionally, I want to see a Galactus number.If Disney wants to top the Hulk, why not move all the way with Marvelplanet-eater?And then I would sing to her. I would sign Moon River. And then, literally, when she was about maybe 16 months, she takes her little finger and she puts it on my lip and she http://www.kingofarticle.com/article.php?id=99075 says, 'No sing mom, no sing.'"

She added to laughter, "But I got away with it for about a year and a half."

On top of the education effort, there was a layer of politics to Monday's event. Univision provides Clinton - who if she launches a second White House bid would instantly become the overwhelming frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination - with a powerful entry into the electorally important Hispanic community.

The network, which reaches most every Spanish speaker household in America and has, in the past, trumped ratings for the top broadcast channels, has been used as an inroad for other politicians, too. Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, participated in a forum with Univision just months before the election.

As a possible preview of 2016, the Republican National Committee responded to Clinton's remarks on Tuesday afternoon.

Izzy Santa, the group's Hispanic communications director, said de Blasio supports gutting charter schools and Clinton's approval of the New York mayor "goes against the grain of whatever 2016 propaganda she will deliver with Univision."

July 30 2014


Cameras Let Voyeurs See Through Clothes

Peeping Tom has crept into the computer age.

Good Morning America's consumer correspondent Greg Hunter found there is a new infrared video camera that allows users to see through peoples' clothes.

And some people are posting these nude pictures on the Internet, where they could be available to millions of eyeballs without the person in the picture knowing it. At least 12 Web sites feature pictures of women who look almost naked, even though they are wearing clothes or a swimsuit.

"It's a great way to be a Peeping Tom without having to climb a tree and look in the window," said Beth Givens of the Privacy Clearinghouse. "It's invisible to the person whose privacy is being violated ... they don't know somebody has the ability to look under their clothes."

Like Ordinary Video Cameras

The cameras look like ordinary home video cameras equipped with night vision, infrared technology that allows users to take pictures in dark. But someone discovered that using night vision in broad daylight with a special filter allows the viewer to see through some clothes.

Sony discovered the cameras' X-ray ability in 1998 and quickly changed the way it manufactured its Nightvision cameras so they would not allow users to peer through clothes. But some people figured out how to modify the camera to get the see-through effect back and hundreds of the modified cameras are for sale on the Internet. The camera with all the filters sells for about $700 brand new, and is easy to obtain, Hunter found. Sony said it has no responsibility for altered or modified products.

Using the "X-ray camera" and two volunteer models, Hunter demonstrated that a viewer could see that the female model wore nothing under a black, patterned skirt and that a man has a tattoo that says "Sosa" under his shirt.

But he points out that both models knew they were being photographed, while most people who end up on the Internet sites he found do not know that they would end up there. Their pictures are taken on the street, at swimming pools, and even beaches.

Clothes Equal Privacy Rights

The cameras are so new, that even privacy advocates are surprised. Givens says that wearing clothes gives people a right to privacy.

"This technology violates that expectation of privacy it obliterates that expectation of privacy," Givens said.

So can women sue the photographers and the Web site owners who posted their pictures for invasion of privacy? Some believe that the question is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

"It's an outrage -- I think it would outrage anyone," said Martha Davis, director of the National Organization for Women's Legal Defense fund. "You go out in the street you don't expect people to look under your clothes. It's such a basic expectation that any court in the country would find that this violates that right."

The owners of the Web sites featuring the nude pictures certainly don't seem to want their pictures taken. In an e-mail to ABCNEWS, one Web site operator declined to be interviewed.

"I do not want to be labeled a pervert," the web site operator wrote.

Criminal Penalties Possible

The cameras are very new, but legal experts say using them for voyeuristic purposes could carry criminal penalties, particularly under child pornography laws if people are photographing through the swimsuits of teen-agers or children.



July 28 2014


Deluxe Reasonable As Well As Worth Disney Resorts Within The Walt Disney World

http://www.kingofarticle.com/article.php?id=89526 How To Produce The Particular best Out Of One's Disney Vacation

July 24 2014


July 15 2014


Game of Thrones-The Houses

http://dopeandfamous.com/shop/houses-t-shirt/ Lannister or Stark? #Thrones

July 12 2014


Babes Bucks and Brewskis Vid

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vExVXP5Y8eg I need to return and see this episode

July 09 2014


Kanye West Takes over Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106!

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kanye West took over Power 106 (KPWR, 105.9 Los Angeles) and Big Boy's Neighborhood Monday, October 28, 2013 for over 2 hours! Kanye is in town for his YEEZUS tour and scheduled a stop at hip west coast, hip-hop home, Power 106.

Big Boy said, "Kanye is a hip-hop superstar, so we had to plan something big and have Kanye take over Power 106 for 2 straight hours. Kanye is always open and honest with us and we appreciate that he makes time for Big Boy's Neighborhood and Power 106."

Links to the live streamed event are below. Including Kanye sharing wedding details, names they considered for their daughter and what he thought about Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries.

Kanye Recap Video


Kanye Freestyle:


Kanye Performing Otis:


Kanye Performing Good Life:


Press may use the links, please credit Power 106 Los Angeles and Big Boy's Neighborhood. Power 106 is owned and operated by Emmis Communications, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ (EMMS).


July 06 2014


The Warm Up.

Work now,Play Later.

June 29 2014


Kelly Clarkson gives birth to baby girl

kelly clarkson teal dress reuters.jpg

April 7, 2013.Kelly Clarkson performing at the 48th ACM Awards in Las Vegas.Reuters

Kelly Clarkson has something to sing about: She's celebrating the birth of her first child.

The Grammy winner announced the arrival of her daughter, named River Rose Blackstock, in a Saturday post on Twitter.

She says the baby arrived on June 12, and she and her husband are "on cloud 9."

Her rep confirmed the tweet.

The 32-year-old singer, known for hits like "Stronger" and "Since boy meets world U Been Gone," married music manager Brandon Blackstock last year.


June 19 2014


Kim Kardashian married: Did Kim and Kanye West get married in Paris? - National Reality TV

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are married. A source tells Life & Style Magazine that the couple officially tied the knot on paper. As most Kimye fans know, Kim and Kanye are having a wedding at the end of the month (on May 24) in Paris. While the two didn't have their actual wedding yet, they are now recognized as Mr. and Mrs. West (assuming that Kim decided to change her surname) legally.

Apparently there is some confusion about where Kim and Kanye said their "I Do's." The couple were forced to get married in The States because of the laws in France which prohibited them from obtaining a marriage license in the country. The law states that foreigners must live in the country for 40 days in order to get married there legally (via Hollywood Life).

So, did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West simply get their official marriage license in Los Angeles or did they actually pull off their spectacle-of-a-wedding in Paris without anyone actually knowing? The answer is quite simple... if you follow Kim's recent travel timeline, you'd see that Kim just flew back to LA from Paris on Thursday. So, she's in the U.S., not in France.

A source says that the marriage license was obtained in Los Angeles over the past couple of days, but the couple has been very quiet about it, which is to be expected. Since their wedding is going to be filmed for television (yes, another E! Kardashian wedding special is on the way), it seems obvious that they want people to be in on the "real" moment with them -- getting a marriage license ahead of time was just protocol. And really, not that big of a deal.

As far as the wedding itself, Kim says it's not going to be enormous. Despite her (now) husband's love for big and loud, Kim and Kanye are apparently going to have a tasteful, toned down wedding. That is, if you believe that.

"People are probably assuming we're going to have this massive wedding, and I think it will be - but intimate. Two hundred people - just all of our closest friends - a special night for us and all the people that really love us and that have supported us," Kim told Vogue Magazine (via Life & Style Magazine). Well, you're all going to have to just wait and see.


June 16 2014


Charades Ideas List

You need some charades ideas for the party that you are having. How about a charades ideas list then? Read the following article for some great ideas.

So you're having a party and you've planned for all these great party games. But of course, charades is one of the main events. The problem though is that you don't really know how to make it really fun. People will expect the same old, same old. But that's not how it's gonna happen at this party. I'll tell you why. Use an assortment of ideas ranging from varied mediums and mix it up a great deal. That way the guests won't expect anything, and the fun that will follow will be something else. So what you need is a charades ideas list and without beating around the bush, let's get to that right away.

You know how much fun it is when a team just does not get the clues right and the tagged person is all but going mental trying to explain the word to them? That's the kind of fun you want at your party. I'll tell you what, the deal with charades ideas is that you don't necessarily have to act out really hard words or anything. Just get something that is moderately difficult to act out and it'll start the fun rolling. Make use of these charades ideas and draw up some not so funny and some funny charades ideas. Let the fun begin.


Charades Ideas for Kids



The Sword and the Stone

The Lady and the Tramp

Home Alone

The Lion King

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Little Rascals

Finding Nemo

The Little Mermaid

Richie Rich


Princess Diaries

Stuart Little

Puss in Boots



The Prisoner of Azkaban

Where's Waldo


Little House in the Big Woods

David Copperfield

The Diary of a Young Girl


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Charlotte's Web

Oliver Twist

Alice in Wonderland

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Wizard of Oz



Macarena ~ Los del Río

Achy Breaky Heart ~ Billy Ray Cyrus

I Just Can't Wait to Be King ~ The Lion King

Witch Doctor ~ Alvin and The Chipmunks

It's Still Rock And Roll to Me ~ Billy Joel

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ~ Mary Poppins

Ants in Your Pants ~ Mr Billy

Hakuna Matata ~ The Lion King

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini ~ Connie Francis

Just Like a Rockstar ~ The Fresh Beat Band

One and the Same ~ Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

You Are My Sunshine ~ Elizabeth Mitchell

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas ~ Gayla Peevey

Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Jewel

The Duck Song ~ Rik Gaynor


Mary Poppins

Peter Pan

Harry Potter


Sloth (Ice Age)




Nancy Drew

Ronald Weasley

Richie Rich

Tom Sawyer

Buck (Ice Age 3)


King Kong

Charades Ideas for Adults


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Pink Panther


The Holiday

Lot like Love

Catch Me if You Can

The Terminal

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Louise and Thelma

He's Just Not That into You

Music and Lyrics

The Terminal

Mission Impossible

Source Code

Legally Blonde


The Da Vinci Code

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The Thorn Birds

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less

Little Women

Tell Me Your Dreams

Jack Daws

To Kill a Mockingbird

P.S. I Love You

The Catcher in the Rye

Love in the Time of Cholera

The Notebook

The Great Gatsby

The Alchemist


My Heart Will Go On ~ Celine Dion

When the Going Gets Tough ~ Boyzone

Truly Madly Deeply ~ Savage Garden

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You ~ Glenn Medeiros

You Give Love a Bad Name ~ Bon Jovi

Never Be Lonely ~ The Feeling

Stop Right Now ~ Will Young

Wannabe ~ Spice Girls

Quit Playing Games With My Heart ~ Back Street Boys

Irreplaceable ~ Beyonce Knowles

Waka Waka ~ Shakira

How Could an Angel Break My Heart ~ Toni Braxton

Someone Like You ~ Adele

The One that Got Away ~ Katy Perry

Without Me ~ Eminem


Bridget Jones

Sherlock Holmes

Nutty Professor

Rhett Butler


Pink Panther

Ace Ventura

Chandler Bing

James Bond

Captain Jack Sparrow

Darth Vader

Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Rocky Balboa

Edward Scissorhands

Willy Wonka

And there you have it, a comprehensive charades ideas list for all age groups. Now you go pick some charades topics from these ideas for charades and have a fun party.


(Merely a minute, before you move on I need to tell you something. (Random I understand but only give me a 2nd). Lion King is readily still among the hottest films around the globe so it easy for many to say they grew up with the classic which just shows how wonderful is as far as getting movies done in numerous translations. They will have the distribution to do things with that energy that likewise have the potential to do is have a phrase go globe like they did 'Hakuna Matata' with this picture and like them.

If you merely live by the motto or love the phrase in the movie, make sure to look at dopeandfamous. They've apparel you'll adore! Allow me to know below they are coming around me soon and I wish to understand if broadway is worth every penny if you've got see Lion King on it!)

June 01 2014


Different Types Of Styles T Shirts

Men & women equally adore wearing t-shirts and this casual wear is quite comfortable too! T-shirts becoming really casual and light-weight would become the perfect choice for just about all seasons.

These fashionably appealing t-shirts are usually adaptable and could be worn in just about any occasion plus infinite number of ways, one just provides to decorate all of them up or perhaps down, depending about the event.

Although T-shirts tend to be in zero way outdated whats inside manner changes regularly. At times its difficult to help keep tabs on the newest trends. Generally there are some t-shirt styles which are here for you to stay. Here are a new handful of designer t-shirts styles which are in absolutely no way out of style.

Types regarding T-shirts:

Round Neck:

This is actually certainly 1 of probably the particular most common options inside demand for that comfy fit. Round neck t-shirts are not merely comfy but within addition flexible and lightweight providing a new sporty look.

Crew Neck:

They are usually the essential tees, that dont have a collar and consequently are usually short sleeved.


Everyone likes to use a new casual polo shirt. This particular type associated with t-shirt could be worn as becoming a formal or even informal wear. Your collar neck style makes it an in history favorite wear!

V Neck:

The neckline protrudes down the chest and to a new point, creating a "V" searching neck line.

Granddad t-shirt:

This sort associated with t-shirt for guys is actually simple and classic. That can be available in both lengthy and short sleeves.

Full Sleeve T-Shirt:

The total sleeve t-shirts are usually suitable for summer as well as winter wear. These types of possess a formal as well as designer look. A number Of also arrive using a collar.

Collar T-Shirt:

This range is great for summer wear.

Muscle t-shirt:

Also referred to as an A-shirt, the neck is actually generally just like in which of a normal t-shirt. The idea is generally tight fit highlighting the actual 6-packs and also 8-packs.

T-Back Shirt:

A T-back shirt tank best that's significantly narrower in the back when compared with the front forming a T shape.

Graffiti t-shirt:

It is a hot pick among young all. Graffiti t-shirts tend to be trendy, stylish and colorful. The Particular graphic t-shirt design can always be a will want in order to have wear. Team it up along with jeans to obtain the funky look!

Ringer t-shirt:

Tee having a distinct color for collar and also sleeves.

Henley t-shirt:

A collarless polo t-shirt.


A long-sleeved athletic shirt together with or even without a new hood.

Turtle Neck:

A collar in which covers the majority of the actual throat

Halter necks:

Halter neck also known as halter leading identifies womens tees with a single strap around the back again with the neck instead of straps over each shoulder. Halter necks are thought hot along with sexy because they leave the back free, exposing the particular shoulder blades.

Spaghetti-Strapped Shirt:

A spaghetti-strapped shirt is a tank top along with strings worn mainly by simply girls and small women.

These are any handful of t-shirt styles which in turn are always within fashion! Any casual t-shirt when teamed on top of low waist fitted jeans adds design towards the easy look. Generally there are different types of t-shirts which may be tried as per the preferences to obtain the perfect stylish but casual look.

T-shirt feels good, fits great, and has a great mixture of colour as well as style style. Obtain the most recent t-shirts on the internet with pocket pleasant procedure using special designs, creative styles now throughout fashion along with charming along with appealing colors as well as designs which everybody wishes in order to have.

About your Author:

Jain writes upon behalf associated with Seventymm.com which can be an internet shopping portal in locations you can buyfunny t shirts, movie t shirts, reebok tshirts, adidas tshirts, puma tshirtsmen t shirts & more.

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